History of the Port of Fleetwood and Marina

The earliest developments at the Port date back to 1835 when Sir Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood obtained parliamentary approval for the construction of a railway from Preston to Fleetwood and for improving the harbour.

Although this was achieved, plans for an enclosed dock system did not come to anything until 1871 when the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company got permission to carry out work on a larger scale than previously envisaged.  The Wyre Dock, with 10 acres of water, was opened in 1877 and in its early days handled a variety of grain, timber and iron-ore.

However, the opening of the Albert Edward Dock at Preston in 1872 caused a serious diversion of traffic from Fleetwood.  Strenuous efforts to attract new business in its place resulted in the birth of the trawler industry in Fleetwood, with the present Fish Dock subsequently opening in 1909.

The Ro/Ro terminal came into operation in 1975.  Operated by P&O Ferries and later by Stena Ferries for freight service to Larne and Dublin.  This service ceased in 2010.

Fleetwood Harbour Village Development

The first marina pontoons were installed during 1989, these were added to, phase by phase, until 1994 within the Wyre Dock.

Demolition of the dock buildings commenced in 1991 to make way for the 75 acre new development and 1994 saw the first new building, a major retail multiple outlet.

A new retail and leisure part was officially opened in 1995.  Covering 15 acres Freeport Shopping Village was an American Style shopping theme park which today is run by Affinity Outlet.

In 2008 demolition of the slipway made room for the extension of pontoons within the Fish Dock.